Wednesday, June 06, 2012

You are God.

New tights

Flower Crown / Coroa de Flores

Está na moda, e ela é linda pra usar! Eu achei em muitos lugares, mas todas estavam mais de 20€, caro pra caramba, pra uma coroa de flores, 20€ em reais é 50,00 R$!! Aff, quando eu converto pra reais da muita raiva!! Fica muito caro. Mas sempre procurando, eu achei essa (da foto) por 5€! Ta bom né! Amei ela e comprei, por que eu sempre quiz uma.

It has become fashionable, and it is beautiful to use! I found in many places, but all were over 20 €, expensive as hell, for a crown of flowers, € 20 into reais its 50.00! Aff, when I convert to reais R$  i get angry! It is very expensive. But always searching, I found this (photo) for 5 €! Okay you know! I loved it and bought it, because I always wanted one.
Its pretty and pink :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Listening to this amazing song:

and good night :)

John Frusciante Interview

45 min interview ~july 16th, 2008

Just found it!!!!! And here are the best coments ever:

"I thought Jesus was dead?"
"Scroll up, God doesn't give many interviews"
"he's a genious anyway"

Okay, I love that man <3 
When i started yo know him, i always said "Jesus is that you?"
His songs, His perfect lyrics, i just love it so much.
My God is John Frusciante.
If you like him, congratulations :D

Monday, June 04, 2012


Last weekend:


Let's work x___x!!

so hi, update :D
see u :)

Blue Hair

Hey guys! I got blue hair xD
I used capri blue from crazy color v

and i like to use my hands, with out gloves.. 
i always get better results idk why :DD

after :D

in the morning

back to Helsinki..

See u around guys :D
love, Laura.