Tuesday, January 08, 2013

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I won't use this blog anymore, please follow my new blog!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Me and axu ♡

Yesterday i took two pictures with my baby axu <3
I love axu so so so so muuuuuuuch :')

You must be happy for who you are.

hi guys! i wanna post somethings today, about what im doing this days
i started to walk, and alex to run, i tried to run, but my body still is too lazy..
i feel so tired when im running, so i stop, and i prefer to walk.
Im doing that bc i wanna to loose weight, i really NEED!
That two pictures are from yesterday, i wanted to show you how is my hair
after i dyed it half and half :D
I dyed it half blue and half black, for the blue hair dye i used capri blue from crazy color
and the black hair dyed i used normal dye permanent, the blue is semi permanent.
I think i have nothing else to post.. Dunno.. 
So see you guys :) xoxo, Laura.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My sunday

Some pitures of what i did on my sunday, not everything
i helped my mom clean house, i baked, and many things.

i did my nails, i used to do ombré nails
i used lilac and pink nail polish, in pastel colors
and i glued one sticker for nails, one cute flower.

I baked that cake! yeeah. 
i made two cakes, colored them and then baked it.
i made one chocolate with vanilla sauce
and puted on some kiwi :)
i ate two pieces, and i did be full so fast
i went for run with alex <3
and now im going to sleep, late but now,
ohh and im getting sick again, me and alex :(
good night. xx

She's such an inspiration!

Hello guys! How are you doing? 
So as you know, i have blue hair, and i really want to change it
I found what i was looking for! Porcelain Black's hair :DD
I'll dye half of my hair black, and leave other blue, just re-dye it.
I always do it by my self, i hope i dont messy out with my hair haha.
So.. see you soon guys, if i change my hair, i'll post pictures soon.

I want my hair like this so much, but my hair is not shinny -.-
I dont know how it will look like, because my hair is curly.

She is so gorgeous, good night.