Saturday, July 28, 2012

You must be happy for who you are.

hi guys! i wanna post somethings today, about what im doing this days
i started to walk, and alex to run, i tried to run, but my body still is too lazy..
i feel so tired when im running, so i stop, and i prefer to walk.
Im doing that bc i wanna to loose weight, i really NEED!
That two pictures are from yesterday, i wanted to show you how is my hair
after i dyed it half and half :D
I dyed it half blue and half black, for the blue hair dye i used capri blue from crazy color
and the black hair dyed i used normal dye permanent, the blue is semi permanent.
I think i have nothing else to post.. Dunno.. 
So see you guys :) xoxo, Laura.

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