Saturday, July 28, 2012

Me and axu ♡

Yesterday i took two pictures with my baby axu <3
I love axu so so so so muuuuuuuch :')

You must be happy for who you are.

hi guys! i wanna post somethings today, about what im doing this days
i started to walk, and alex to run, i tried to run, but my body still is too lazy..
i feel so tired when im running, so i stop, and i prefer to walk.
Im doing that bc i wanna to loose weight, i really NEED!
That two pictures are from yesterday, i wanted to show you how is my hair
after i dyed it half and half :D
I dyed it half blue and half black, for the blue hair dye i used capri blue from crazy color
and the black hair dyed i used normal dye permanent, the blue is semi permanent.
I think i have nothing else to post.. Dunno.. 
So see you guys :) xoxo, Laura.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My sunday

Some pitures of what i did on my sunday, not everything
i helped my mom clean house, i baked, and many things.

i did my nails, i used to do ombré nails
i used lilac and pink nail polish, in pastel colors
and i glued one sticker for nails, one cute flower.

I baked that cake! yeeah. 
i made two cakes, colored them and then baked it.
i made one chocolate with vanilla sauce
and puted on some kiwi :)
i ate two pieces, and i did be full so fast
i went for run with alex <3
and now im going to sleep, late but now,
ohh and im getting sick again, me and alex :(
good night. xx

She's such an inspiration!

Hello guys! How are you doing? 
So as you know, i have blue hair, and i really want to change it
I found what i was looking for! Porcelain Black's hair :DD
I'll dye half of my hair black, and leave other blue, just re-dye it.
I always do it by my self, i hope i dont messy out with my hair haha.
So.. see you soon guys, if i change my hair, i'll post pictures soon.

I want my hair like this so much, but my hair is not shinny -.-
I dont know how it will look like, because my hair is curly.

She is so gorgeous, good night. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hair Inspiration / Inspiração para cabelo

Oi oi! Tudo bem com voces? :) 
Eu estou querendo mudar meu cabelo, eu estava pensando em pintar
todo de preto, mas eu nao gosto de nada normal, nada dentro dessa rotina chata
de todo mundo parecer igual, ficar com a aparencia normal.
Quem me conhece, sabe que eu nao gosto de normalidades, entao resolvi
me inspirar em algum famoso que gosto, eu amo a porcelain black!
Na verdade, quem nao?.. Pois é, ela é linda, e o cabelo dela nem se fale.
Minha nova inspiracao é ela! Eu ja tenho o cabelo azul, e fiquei
sabendo que o novo look dela, é a metade preto e metade azul!!!!
Agora sim, ta chegando perto do que eu queria, ia pintar de preto, e ja tenho azul
Estou quaze me decidindo, meu cabelo é enrolado, entao tentei achar uma fotos dela
de cabelo enrolado, e parece que nao vou me arrepender de pintar assim!
Vou postar algumas fotos, até meu próximo post! Beijos.


Hi hi! How is everyone doing? :) 
I want to change my hair, I was thinking of dye it 
all in black, but I do not like anything normal, nothing in this boring routine,
i do not like that around the world look the same, everyone with normal appearance. 
Anyone who knows me, knows I do not like to normality, so I decided 
inspire me in some famous! I love porcelain black!
Actually, who does not? .. Yeah, she's beautiful, and her hair even more. 
My new inspiration is her! I already have blue hair, and was 
knowing that the new look of her, is half black and half blue!! 
Now yes, im getting closer that I wanted, I would dye it black and blue, I already have blue.
 I'm making up my mind, my hair is curled, then tried to find a picture of it 
hair curled, and it seems that I'll regret not to dye like that! 
I'll post some pictures, until my next post! Kisses.


Oi oi :DD Que vontade de voltar a postar...
Eu estou no Brasil, e a internet que eu tenho aqui é péssima..
Por isso parei de postar, mas estou viva, e bem :)
Vou tentar postar o máximo que posso, quando der.. mas nao prometo.
Eu vou ficar aqui até outubro, dia 20 do mesmo to voltando pra Finlandia :DD weeeeeeeeh
esse post é só pra dar esse update rápido mesmo, beijos e tchau!


Hello everyone!! I'm alive, yeahh.
This post is just one quick update about me.
I'm in Brazil, and the reason that i dont post too much
is because my internet is really shit/bad.
I'll try my best, to post on here :)
I'm going again to Finland in october, day 20!
bye everyone :DD hugs.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

You are God.

New tights

Flower Crown / Coroa de Flores

Está na moda, e ela é linda pra usar! Eu achei em muitos lugares, mas todas estavam mais de 20€, caro pra caramba, pra uma coroa de flores, 20€ em reais é 50,00 R$!! Aff, quando eu converto pra reais da muita raiva!! Fica muito caro. Mas sempre procurando, eu achei essa (da foto) por 5€! Ta bom né! Amei ela e comprei, por que eu sempre quiz uma.

It has become fashionable, and it is beautiful to use! I found in many places, but all were over 20 €, expensive as hell, for a crown of flowers, € 20 into reais its 50.00! Aff, when I convert to reais R$  i get angry! It is very expensive. But always searching, I found this (photo) for 5 €! Okay you know! I loved it and bought it, because I always wanted one.
Its pretty and pink :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Listening to this amazing song:

and good night :)

John Frusciante Interview

45 min interview ~july 16th, 2008

Just found it!!!!! And here are the best coments ever:

"I thought Jesus was dead?"
"Scroll up, God doesn't give many interviews"
"he's a genious anyway"

Okay, I love that man <3 
When i started yo know him, i always said "Jesus is that you?"
His songs, His perfect lyrics, i just love it so much.
My God is John Frusciante.
If you like him, congratulations :D

Monday, June 04, 2012


Last weekend:


Let's work x___x!!

so hi, update :D
see u :)

Blue Hair

Hey guys! I got blue hair xD
I used capri blue from crazy color v

and i like to use my hands, with out gloves.. 
i always get better results idk why :DD

after :D

in the morning

back to Helsinki..

See u around guys :D
love, Laura.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today's Lunch!

I know that my lunch today is not very healthy.
But in my opinion, sometimes we must eat what you want,
I meanyou have to eat whatever's will give to you pleasure time!

Eu sei que meu almoco de hoje nao é muito saudavel. 
Mas na minha opniao, as vezes a gente deve comer o que quer,
eu digo, voce tem que comer o que te da prazer, as vezes!

Blue Make-up.

 English and Portuguese :D

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Quick Make-up! Minha maquiagem rápida.

My quick make-up when i want to out, when i have no time to do make-up "good"
And its my first make-up video :)
byee, good night.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Iphone Update! :)

I'll try update my blog everyday, i just feel lazy to edit and bbalbabababablaa.