Saturday, May 07, 2011

Meteor shower

Image taken:
May. 6, 2011
Hegyestü (Hungary)
Bright and colourful eta Aquarid meteor can be seen over the 5 million years old basalt volcano named Hegyestü in Hungary. Beautiful view with the Milky Way in the morning twilight. Photo details: Canon 500D, Sigma 10 mm objective at f/2,8, iso 3200, 30 sec
It was a fairly cold morning and I was very eager to try out my new Canon Rebel T3i, not to much light pollution in the early morning hours. I was a bit disappointed from 3:30am CST to 5:15am CST that I was only able to see about 6 faint Aquarid's but I did manage to capture a plane flying across the milky way. I hope for better luck next time.

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